Escozine for Pets (TM) and Cancer Cell Death

A product called Escozine for Pets (TM) has been shown to result in cell death, or apoptosis, of cancer cells in both dogs and cats suffering from a variety of cancers that include primary pulmonary adenocarcinoma, metastatic mast cell tumor and others.  Studies are currently under way at both Aventura Animal Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Joel Beth Mitchell-Navratik, DVM and by Dr. Raul Jimenez of Miami’s Biscayne Bay Veterinary Center.  Both veterinarians have found that the product has extended and substantially improved the quality of life for the pets in their studies.

The product is a nutraceutical that was developed by PetLife Pharmaceuticals and is a polarized extract from the venom of the Caribbean Blue Scorpion, which is indigenous to the Dominican Republic and Cuba.  A nutraceutical is a functional food, or a food that contains additives that provide additional nutritional value.  In looking at the PetLife website, there are several options available, ranging from oral liquids to treats to tablets.  Patches and injectables are planned, pending FDA approval.

Since I do not know what is involved in the harvesting of this venom, I am neither discouraging, nor advocating for, the use of this product, but rather, providing information about its existence.  It is the choice of every pet owner to understand and evaluate the risks of any cancer treatment for their pet.  More details about the product and additional links for more information can be found here.

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    1. lola Post author

      I really don’t know the answer to that. I would check with your local veterinarian to see if they can help procure it for you. Good luck!

      – Lola


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